Public Art

  • Process

    From the inception of each project up to its completion and beyond, Gordon Huether is dedicated to providing high quality work, including a smooth production process, integrative, professional and prompt communication as well as a state-of-the-art design concept.

    Drawing from his extensive experience in collaborating with public art administrators, government agencies, artist colleagues, communities and more, the artist is able to manage a diverse set of variables relating to project scope, materials and location.

  • Philosophy

    Gordon Huether believes that the placement of public art can considerably enhance a person’s individual experience of a space, shape its environment in a positive way, and hence bestow a new level of perception upon an otherwise every day experience. Through his work Huether strives to redefine the relationship between individuals and the space that surrounds them diurnally by steering our routine-conditioned minds off that path to explore aspects of our reality that may otherwise be considered insignificant. Huether’s intention is to create a visual dialogue between the art and the architecture of the site, bring forth shared value through publicly placed artwork and bring storytelling and beauty into publicly shared spaces.



Gordon Huether has worked on many of my architectural designs. His work has enhanced the building designs resulting in publication of the buildings. Gordon is a unique artist and can work in many media. I have practiced architecture around the world for over 50 years and have never met an artist with as much creativity and ability to mold his work into its setting."

– Leason Pomeroy | President, LP3 architecture, Inc

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of artists over the years. On occasion, these individuals have profoundly enhanced the architecture as well as the public’s interaction with their work. Gordon Huether, is clearly one of these individuals.."

– Burke Cartwright | Salt Lake City, Utah - Design Principal with EDA Architects

I really love the piece. On sunny days, I sit out there and enjoy much-needed sunshine breaks. The smell of the cedars is still strong and really adds to the experience.."

– Claire H. about 'Rostrum' | Manager of Cultural Development, White Rock, BC, Canada

Gordon Huether Public Art

Featured Public Art Installations

Aluminum Yucca
2003 | Albuquerque, NM
Arena Parking Garage
2006 | Stockton, CA
Artesa Fountain
1999 | Napa, CA
Aureole, Peoria Centennial Plaza
2013 | Peoria, AZ
BART (Bay Area) Rapid Transit Installation
2002 | San Bruno, CA
Rostrum, Miramar
2013 | White Rock, BC, Canada
Over Houston, William P. Hobby Airport
2009 | Houston, TX
Playground Fantástico
2002 | Napa, CA
Fire Station #17
2008 | San Jose, CA
Go, Go, Go, Foothills Recreation and Aquatic Center
2006 | Glendale, AZ
2009 | Arburg GmbH & Co. KG, Lossburg, Germany
Gotta Go, Jacksonville International Airport
2008 | Jacksonville, FL
The Great Wall, BioMarin Pharmaceutical
2005 | Novato, CA
Hiroshige Art Museum
1997 | Tendo, Japan
Historic Napa Mill Gateway
2013 | Napa River Front, CA
The Bridge, Dallas Homeless Assistance Center
2008 | Dallas, TX
O Wave
2009 | St. Petersburg, FL


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