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Gordon Huether’s Projects have included art installations for private corporations, airports, transportation centers, parking garages, hotels, universities, hospitals, recreation centers, civic buildings, libraries, and museums.

Gordon Huether | The Napa 9/11 Memorial

Gordon discusses the collaborative process and community support behind the creation of the Napa 9/11 Memorial. In a unique public-private collaboration, the citizens of Napa planned the 9/11 Memorial Garden to honor the memories of those killed on 9/11 and first responders who selflessly contributed to rescue efforts. The city received 30 tons of steel salvaged from the wreckage of the Twin Towers and asked Gordon to create the Memorial. The garden and Huether's installation have become a place for the community to engage in quiet contemplation and reflection and inspires us to remember the courage, caring and compassion the world experienced in the aftermath this terrible terrorist act.

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  • Gordon-Huether-Hatcher-Road-Sunny-Sunnyslope

    New Installation: ‘Sunny’ Sculptures adorn Hatcher Road district in Phoenix, AZ

    In close collaboration with the Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission Huether created two public art installations for the Hatcher Road Streetscape Improvement project. The local landmark, the Sunnyslope “S,” a large letter prominently displayed on the side of North Mountain in Sunnyslope, was one inspirational cue for the artist.

  • arts-in-april-with-gordon-huether-studio

    Arts In April with Gordon Huether Studio

    Celebrate Arts In April 2015 together with Gordon Huether Studio. Join us for this month-long, beautifully curated, cultural immersion into the Napa Valley.

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